San Remo Opera 2 Group

Product Description

Designed with the experience and the wishes of a team par excellence. Realised to be innovative from every point of view.

“To start it was essential to think of a team for the new project he was setting up. The perfect team that was going to create the espresso coffee machine destined to become the new reference point from then on.”

“Think of each single thing you would like to see in an espresso coffee machine. Put yourselves to the test to create a product that will bear each one of your names. You will be remembered as that group of extraordinary people that one day had the courage to change things and leave future generations something that does not just involve technique and innovation, but also passion and pride. If it’s possible, we’ll do it. If it isn’t – he said with a smile – we’ll try anyway.”

The revolutionary Opera is the brainchild of Carlo de Sordi of Sanremo Italy who brought together the development team comprising of the best barista and coffee engineering minds from around the world. Included in the team were John Gordon (3 times UK Barista Champion), Sasa Sestic (Australasian Grand Barista Champion 2011), Serif Basaran (WBC Barista Judge) and our own Ben Stephens (Technical Manager Sanremo Australia). Programmed from an android tablet (supplied), the Opera is the ultimate experience for the cutting edge barista with three different fully programmable stages of infusion via a Controlled Delivery System which allows you to obtain the perfectly balanced extraction for any kind of coffee. There is so much that makes this machine different – from its construction and internals to its precision ratio functionality – that the only way to fully appreciate it is to run your own beans through the machine and experience the enhanced flavours. As John Gordon and Sasa Sestic said ‘the coffee it produces defies logic!’

Technical Features

  • All new Controlled Delivery System 
  • Three different fully programmable stages of infusion – Pre-infusion, Infusion & Post Infusion 
  • New Multi-boiler System with PID control 
  • 316L Stainless steel boilers 
  • Boiler dedicated to preheating
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Available 2 and 3 Group

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