Reneka R80 2 Group

Reneka R80 2 Group
Product Description

A combination of craftsmanship and groundbreaking technology creates the R80 in which performance can be experienced to the fullest for the ultimate in coffee pleasure.
R80 is the result of a large number of optimizations that the Reneka team has brought for a single purpose: find the ideal balance in shaping an espresso machine that touches perfection in every aspect: an undeniable ally for Baristas and all catering professionals, highly instinctive and reliable equipment, the essence of key technologies in perfect harmony for the best in the cup.

Design : R80 succeeds in combining unrivalled class and elegance with uncompromising performance like no other equipment. The external lines exude dynamic tension and prowess from every vantage point: the bodywork seems to hug the R80’s technology. 

Micro Sieve (Patented) : High reproducible micro-etch technology. Body and coffee flavors enhanced!

Coffee brewhead Aroma Perfect (Patented) or Standard : The Aroma Perfect brewhead guarantees easy insertion, optimum tamping pressure and supports changes in dosage to ensure a perfect extraction.

Color Touchscreen Display 7”, for intuitive use in any circumstances & cadences : A friendly, simple system to manage multiple inputs and set ups. Intuitive controls, management and programming for all available modules on the machine. Seven inch and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels for smooth operation (Date – Information of the machine – Beverage statistics – Coffee Doses – Machine configuration – Service/maintenance – Auto cleaning – « Eco » mode).
The screen is also the key tool for creating pressure profiles for each extraction. It runs by touching the "slider" on the screen for a perfectly controlled infusion throughout the brewing to extract the entire body, aroma and flavor desired in the espresso. It can be set for programming and be perfectly reproduced through the coffee keypad.

Pressure profile, a new extraction dimension : The control pressure (0-9 bars) during the coffee cycle highlights the aromatic characteristics desired, intensifies the body, balances the acidity and bitterness and reaches the sweet spot in your cup. During coffee extraction, the pressure profile will be structured automatically and proportionally to the amount of coffee. Tamping variances are compensated. Can be set manually or with programming for every dose and every coffee group (pressure curve - dynamic display on screen).

Multi-boiler System : The extraction of coffee is perfectly mastered; the steam and hot water capacity is endless. Coffee boiler volume: 0.75L and 1000 Watt power for a defined reproducible temperature control.

LEDs RGB lighting (primary colors Red / Green / Blue) : Lights adjust independently on both front and back. 

Steam Lever : By moving the lever up, the Barista will get 100% steam power quickly. The system has an automatic reset position to zero. By moving the lever down, the Barista will vary the steam flow required to achieve tasty micro foam frothed milk. The high boiler capacity (10L) offers a dry steam for intensive use.

4 different programmable hot water temperatures : 4 different temperatures and doses to infuse in the finest conditions.

Cup warmer with tempered glass : Aesthetic, hygienic, extremely robust, with a large cup storage capacity and a programmable heater (0 to 100%).

Control System : All components (except for heating elements) operate on a 24V. Result: variations in voltage have no impact. Power is managed from 3500 to 9400W and can be adjusted simply in the user menu according to the specific needs of country.

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