Peerless Multi Deck Pizza Deck Oven 2324P

Product Description

The 2324P is a multi-deck (4 deck) pizza oven that has proven itself since 1919. No other oven company manufactures a pizza oven like a Peerless 2324P.

This “Time Proven” Peerless multi-deck oven is truly in a class of its own. Since 1919, this workhorse oven by Peerless has served the industry as a world-wide standard for economy and value. We continue to update the design in order to bring the unit up to current industry standards with regards to materials used, burners and controls.

The 2324P four deck (or four-pan) oven takes up a mere 41.5″ of width and 27″ of depth, perfect for tight space requirements. It will hold up to 8, 16″ pizza’s and a variety of other items. The two, 17 inch “U” burners are efficient and capable. The 2324P comes standard with a 650° thermostat and 1″Pizza Stones hearths.

The small footprint is ideal for Mobile Food Truckapplications.

The Mexican Restaurant Industry has found this ovens to be a durable workhorse.

Additionally, the Soil Sampling Industry uses them as industrial drying ovens.

Peerless Ovens are proudly manufactured in the USA.

The Peerless series of multi-deck pizza ovens.

We call them “Peerless” because they have no equal!


  • Quality Construction for long life
  • Time Proven
    Over 90 years of design life
  • Large Capacity
    2904 sq. inches of available cooking space
    Holds eight (8) 16” pizzas
  • Pizza Stones
  • Energy efficient
    New energy-saving burner system (60,000 BTU)
  • Aluminized Interior
  • 300° – 650° F Pizza Thermostat
  • Stainless Steel Front
  • Versatile
    Perfect for a variety of baking needs
  • Easily serviceable
    All controls can be replaced from the front of the unit
  • Power
    Gas only
  • Warranty
    One year parts and labor


Durable Construction
The “2300 series” ovens are construction on a 14-gauge, hotrolled base with prime 20-gauge, cold-rolled top and sides. The interior is made of Armco Type-1, 20-gauge, aluminized steel. The steel shelves are made of 16-gauge, aluminized steel.

Energy Efficiency
The Peerless multideck ovens are equipped with highly efficient steel tubular burners. The 2324P, four-pan oven has four (4), tubular burners that supply 60,000 BTU’s for great performance and fast recovery. All units are equipped with modern safety pilots and thermostats. Comes with a separate on/off valve.

Space Savers
Because our unique construction and the fact the controls are under the door, the Peerless multideck ovens are by far the most space conscious ovens on the market today. The 2324P, four-pan oven requires only 41.5” while the eight-pan requires only 51.5”. This frees up valuable kitchen and/or hood space.

Each of the four (4) decks of the 2324P, four-pan oven measure 33”x22”x7.5”. They can easily handle one (1) 18”x26” pan, two (2) 12” pizzas or a two (2) 16” pizzas, using only 41.5” of space.

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