Peerless CW61P Pizza Deck Ovens

Product Description

The “Peerless” CW series of pizza deck ovens offers you the best in quality, performance and value. Each oven comes standard with a stainless steel front, hearth decks and an all-new one-year “parts and labor” warranty. The CW also features our exclusive “Power-Pak” burner system that combines the economy of gas with excellent cooking capabilities.

Peerless Ovens are proudly manufactured in the USA.

If space is a problem, you will appreciate our space-saving design, which saves almost 12″ of valuable kitchen space compared to competitive brands. Each one of our CW Peerless Pizza Deck Ovens are stackable to increase your production per space even more.

The Peerless CW series of pizza deck ovens.
We call them “Peerless” because they have no equal!


  • Quality Construction for long life
  • Stainless Steel Front
  • Pizza Decks Standard
  • Unique Interior Design
    95% effectiveness of upper deck
  • Energy Efficient
    New energy-saving “Power-Pak” burner system for even heat and better baking
  • Full Range
    300°F – 600°F thermostat
    (149°C – 343°C)
  • Space Saver
    Only 50” wide
  • Stackable
    Double cooking capacity
  • Easily Serviceable
    All controls can be replaced from the front of the unit
  • Gas Power
    LP or NAT
  • Warranty
    One year parts and labor


Durable Construction
The CW61P is built with prime 20-gauge cold-rolled top and sides with a 14-gauge base. The interior is made of Armco Type 1, 20-gauge aluminized steel. The CW61P comes standard with a stainless steel front made of high quality, 18-guage stainless steel; the door interior is 18 gauge stainless as well.

Energy Efficiency
The CW61P features our new energy-saving “Power-Pak” 4-cell burner system and our unique baffle system. These make our ovens highly efficient and eliminate hot spots. The heavily insulated walls, coupled with our special vent system, reduces heat loss and keep your gas dollars from going up the stack. The CW61P is powered by 60,000 highly efficient BTUs which increase its efficiency and recovery rate.

The CW61P deck size measures 42” x 32” x 7” (2) decks in one oven. The top deck cooks almost as fast – and as well – as the bottom, providing outstanding capacity for your money. Actual cooking capacity depends on the size of the pizza you are cooking. The CW61P will hold twelve 12” pizzas, eight 16” pizzas, or six 18” pizzas. Cooking time will vary according to product, but will average between 8-10 minutes.

Space Saver
Because the controls are under the doors, the CW61P requires less installation space than our competition. This enables you to free up valuable kitchen and/or hood space. The actual width needed is mere 50” for 42” x 32” x 7” (2) decks, almost a foot less than the competition. The CW61P can convert into a CW62P by stacking*, either initially or after our business grows. This option gives you four 42”x32” decks in only 50” of space.
(*may increase width)

Design Plus
The CW61P has the controls in lower front for ease of operation and space savings. This also places the controls in their own air-conditioned area so they are not affected by outside influences. In addition, the CW61P is totally thermocoupled and allows you to replace individual parts as opposed to throwing away the whole system.

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