Omas C 30E - C35E gravity Slicer

Product Description

Gear-driven gravity feed manual slicer, with powerful fan-cooled motor and large product holder suitable for big-sized and heavy products. Machine in anodized aluminium alloy, with tempered chromium steel blade.
Extremely versatile thanks to its many accessories.
Manufactured according to EN1974 standards.

• Cleaning: removable aluminium blade cover, carriage plate, end-grip and revolving slice deflector

• Sharpener: integrated, it runs automatically for a perfect sharpening and honing, provided with a movable protection that covers the blade also in off position, easily removable grinding stone, to make cleaning easier

• Safety facilities: fixed blade ring guard, removable product holder only when the slice thickness control is set on 0 position

• Use: supermarkets, delicatessen shops, catering companies and industrial catering sector kitchens, ideal for high volume work load.

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