OEM Pizza Dough Press

OEM Pizza Dough Press
Product Description

The pizza "hot" formers belonging to the PressForm Series uniformly form in a few seconds the pizza base dough by rolling it out in dough disks with a diameter equal to 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 cms according to
the machine model you wish: 30 or 35 with PF/350 machine, 40, 45 or 50 with PF/500 machine.

It is possible to determine the rolled out dough thickness (up to a very thin thickness) by operating a knob adjustment device. All the models can be supplied with a flared upper plate, in order to form automatically the edge or it is possible to provide a totally smooth plate, to obtain a flat dough disk.

Solidity and strength are properties of OEM equipment and the PressForm machines are a clear example of our development capacity achieved by applying sophisticated manufacture techniques. The stainless steel body has a particular design, which simplifies both cleaning operations and hygienic conditions, as well; the special safety devices are in compliance with the standards being currently in force and complete an equipment, which allows to achieve high quality performances.

  • Pizzaformer - Pizzaform ø 45 cm. Smooth upper plate Code 01401..
  • Outside dimensions cm L x P x H 60 x 85 x 90
  • Kw/h - Kw/max - Volt 5,55 - 6,55 / 400~3N
  • Max. temp. °C 180
  • Weight Net/Gross Kg 240 / 259