Keurig Brown Gold 100% Peruvian K-Cups

Keurig Brown Gold 100% Peruvian K-Cups
Product Description

Toasty smooth, medium body, low acidity, and just a touch of sweetness.

Additional information

Brown Gold® 100% Peruvian is a toasty smooth, medium body coffee with low acidity and a touch of sweetness. Pine, prune, and carob give this 100% Peruvian coffee a woodsy and soft tasting experience. All Brown Gold® 100% single origin coffees feature pure, unique roasts from some of the best coffee growing regions in the world. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Each coffee is then roasted for specific individual qualities, bringing out only the true taste and essence of each origin. 100% single origin true coffee taste.

QTY: 24 K-Cups\pack