Digirosto Pro 5W

Product Description

Power Saving Model
Built-in Smoke Eliminator

Anyone can make best coffee without experience
Plug-in Use
Easy Roasting
    • Window OS is equipped and operated by computer.
    •  Anyone can roast beans by programming. (Roasting Profile)
    • 10.4″ color touch screen, Convenient Interface.
    • Bitterness and Body Taste can be adjusted easily by programming.
    • Roasting menu can be saved infinitely.
    • Automatic temp set by Green bean’s moisture, Side, Hardness.

    Easy Management

    • All roast programs are visible on the screen.
    • Each roasting data can be checked.
    • Day, Week, Month, Year Roasting data are counted.
    • Separate Recipe name can be saved.
    • Easy structure for maintenance.

    Easy Installation

    • No Smoke.
    • Built-in Smoke Eliminator.
    • Installation is easy regardless location.
    • Power Saving Electric Roasting Machine (Drum Roasting Type)


    Capacity: Maximum 5kg (Green Beans Input)
    Dimension: W590 x D1420 x H1550
    Net Weight : 120kg
    Electricity : 385V, 4phases, 50hz/60hz
    Power Consumption : 9 KW
    Roasting Process : Two Way Drum Rotation.
    Heating Source : Halogen and recycling air flow Smoke Heater (Patent Pending)
    Color : Black, Red

    * If you equip the ventilation fan of shroud hood, odor is eliminated perfectly.