Digirosto Pro 1

Product Description


* Capacity: 1 kg / 2.2 LBS (Maximum Weight of Green   Beans)
* Roasting Process: Two Way Drum Rotation
* Heating Source: Halogen and recycling air flow   Smoke Heater (Patent Pending)
* Throughput: about 10~15 minutes
* Size: 300(w)x 700(h)x 810(d)
* Weight: 48 kg
* Voltage: 220V, 60Hz (User's ),
  Power Consumption: 3kw
  Electricity Rates / batch: under USD0.22 (in case,   USD0.22/kwh)
  Color: Black, Red, Gold(Option)

Features (Third phase products and onward)

1. Roasting capacity has increased, that is, 1k and    1.2kg roasting is possible.
2. Sophisticated and entertaining manual roasting and    memory function.
   (Roasting 100g to 1,000g in the unit of 100g)
3. Superb taste and aroma of coffee that nobody can    imitate.
4. Roasting program that anyone can easily roast coffee    without skills and experience.
5. Pure gold plated body in harmony with any indoor    designs (Optional).


* 1.2kg / 2.2 LBS Digital Coffee Roaster *
1. Anyone can roast Gourmet Coffee without Skill and    Experience.
2. Antique Style Design, but Most Advanced    Technology.
3. Realized Original Gourmet Coffee Taste.
4. No Chimney,Smoke Eliminating Technology without    Chimney.
   (Built-in small smoke-eliminator, and no need to    install a ventilator)
5. More Convenient Automatic Programming.
6. 10 Roasting Programs Setting Available.
7. Detachable Cooling Basket.
8. Maximized Durability with Simple Structure.
9. Body and Bitter taste can be adjustable in Programs.

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