Cocomira Maple Crunch Bulk 2100 gr

Cocomira Maple Crunch Bulk 2100 gr
Product Description

What could be more quintessentially Canadian than maple syrup? We looked no further than our own backyard to find a Quebec producer of dark maple syrup – the tawny heart of our Maple Crunch. Our toffee is agitated for over an hour - to ensure a rich, nutty flavor  with an underlying hint of maple sweetness. It’s then covered in European milk chocolate and finished with freshly roasted pecans and almonds. Mmmm – Canada in a box has never tasted so good.

Maple Crunch is made using the following ingredients: toffee (butter, cane sugar, maple syrup, water, salt, natural maple flavor), European milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, full cream milk powder, soya lecithin, vanilla), pecans, almonds.

No artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, no gluten and no egg.

Format: 2100 gr, 60 pieces x case