Carimali Macco Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Product Description

If you are looking for a speciality machine, designed for low to medium demand, then MX-2 is the perfect answer to offer the same outstanding quality performances of Macco machines.

The excellent price/quality ratio will convince you to make it your coffee machine best choice! MX-2 is available in 2 main versions, Easy and LM (fresh milk) both in black colour. Available also as self-serve. The user friendly interface makes it simple to use: it can deliver from 8 to 24 beverage selections.



Coffee and steam boiler capacity

  • 600 cc each

Net weight

  • Easy: 36 Kg - LM: 40 Kg

Gross weight

  • Easy: 44 Kg - LM: 48 Kg

Vibration pump

  • YES

Coffee grounds bin capacity

  • 60 pcs

Coffee hopper capacity

  • 0.6 Kg

Instant container capacity

  • 2.0 l

Easy Voltage/Total power

  • 120V 1+N 50/60hz 1.350W 200V 1+N 50/60hz 1.910W 230V 1+N 50/60hz 1.950W 240V 1+N 50/60hz 2.100W

LM Voltage/Total power

  • 120V 1+N 50/60hz 2.550W 200V 1+N 50/60hz 3.110W 230V 1+N 50/60hz 3.150W 240V 1+N 50/60hz 3.400W

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