Caffe` Corsini Jamaica Blue Mountain 250g

Caffe` Corsini Jamaica Blue Mountain 250g
Product Description

Cup Profile: intense aroma and fragrant with fruity, full-bodied, mild acidity, balanced and persistent taste.

The most beautiful island ever seen,' so called by Columbus, Jamaica is the country's Jerk Chicken and reggae music, the long white beaches, but is also the country's coffee really special. Also called the 'caviar of coffee', the 'Blue Mountain' Jamaica is one of the qualities most valued in the world. It grows in the 'blue mountains', the eastern part of the island, caressed by breezes moist and warm, a mountain range whose peaks over 2,200 meters above sea level.

On the slopes of these mountains higher, well arranged on terraces prepared on a fertile, irrigated by pure streams and shaded by avocado and banana, are Arabica plants brought from Martinique in the eighteenth century.

Type: Ground

Weight: 250g