Asterm DR85K

Product Description

This is a wood oven with two front doors a rotating basis,wood combustion chamber, separated from the baking surface and drawer to collect
ashes from burning wood.By rotation of the base of the baking chamber a more uniformed performance,a higher productivity and better work
conditions are achieved, since a pizza peel with a shorter handle is used.They are made of vibrated refractional material with high percent of
two-aluminum-three-oxide (Al2O3), which guarantees high wearing out resistance and sturdiness.The domical form of the baking chamber
guarantees an even baking at consistent temperature and low wood consumption.Chamber diameter is 85 cm.This oven is suitable for small
restaurants or homes and backyards. Perfect for pizzas, bread, bakery products, meat and poultry. Electrical supply is 230 Volt/50-60 Herz.


Number of pizzas 30 cm: 5

Productivity per hour: 75

Consumption of firewood per hour:  3-4 kg

Dimention of Barbeque: 40x50cm

Weight: 950 kg

Model: DR140

Colours: Design K-brown mosaic, Design K-red mosaic


Type: Static

Please note: Dimensions are shown in cm