Asterm DR120

Product Description

Pizza oven wood burning series DR. This is a wood oven with two front doors a rotating basis,wood combustion chamber, separated from the baking surface and drawer to collect ashes from burning wood.
By rotation of the base of the baking chamber a more uniformed performance,
a higher productivity and better work conditions are achieved, since a pizza peel with a shorter handle is used.
The rotation speed can be gradually increased and can be reversed as well.
Electrical supply is 230 Volt/50-60 Herz.
The oven is manufactured in two sizes..


Number of pizzas 30 cm: 9

Productivity per hour: 135

Consumption of firewood per hour:  5-6 kg

Weight: 1950 kg

Model: DR120


Type: Static

Colour: Design K-brown mosaic or Design K- Spotted mosaic

Please note: Dimensions are shown in cm