Asterm D160S

Product Description

WOOD-BURNING OVENS FOR PIZZAS (Series D) The ovens of series D are of domical type and are assigned for baking of pizzas. They are made of vibrated refractional material with high percent of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), which guarantees high wearing out resistance and sturdiness. The domical form of the baking chamber guarantees an even baking at low wood consumption. Insulation materials with low coefficient of heat conductivity have been used. The considerable thickness of insulation helps to achieve maximum economy. All elements of the oven are placed in a case which allows its mobility. It is manufactured in four major sizes.


Number of pizzas 30 cm: 13

Productivity per hour: 195

Consumption of firewood per hour:  6-7 kg

Weight: 2100 kg

Model: D160S 


Type: Static

Please note: Dimensions are shown in cm